💸Defi Four Rebate Details

The platform has set up a secondary commission reward mechanism for developers and users to ensure that every developer and user can get a share of the platform commission reward through the developme

How do I get a rebate?

Each user has a referral link of their own, just share the link to a new user to sign up to be bound to become your direct subordinate.

How the rebate is calculated.

New user registration system defaults to Level 1 to start, the highest can be upgraded to become Level 7.

You can get the direct and inter-family commission rewards, the reward ratio according to the user you invited to pledge interest generated by the calculation of 100% than, direct and inter-family commission ratio is the same.

Level 1 6% default

Level 2 8% Direct referral of 3 active users

Level 3 10% Direct referral of 10 active users

Level 4 12% Direct referral of 30 active users

Level 5 15% Direct referral of 50 active users

Level 6 18% Direct referral of 80 active users

Level 7 20% Direct referral of 100 active users

Users will be automatically upgraded to the next VIP level as long as the number of invited users reaches a certain number.

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