📝Defi Four Overview

What is Defi Four?

Defi Four is a blockchain Defi 4.0 concept founded by a company under the financial services company Antalpha.Defi Four will be a brand new concept for expanding the future of the Defi space.Defi Four's innovations will lead to a brand new Defi market, with very big advantages over the current Defi program Defi Four.

Defi Four operating mode versus regular Defi.

Defi Four platform cooperates with major cryptocurrency venture capital institutions and market-making institutions, many venture capital institutions and market-making institutions need funds, and most of the institutions can't sell their valuable assets for investment in a short time, while Defi Four platform cooperates with them in the way that they need to pledge their valuable assets on the platform, and the platform will give the institutions The platform will provide cryptocurrency as the borrowing assets, and the institutions need to give a certain interest according to the borrowing amount, interest is paid to the platform every day, and also need these venture capital institutions or market-making institutions to participate in the profit-making project part of the profit as a return to the platform.

Conventional Defi platform is basically by the small capital users directly borrowing pledge, are with the market to do hedging, borrowing users are also basically ordinary investors, and ordinary investors can provide interest is also very little, which also led to the past Defi platform we go to participate are only able to get less profit.

The benefit of Defi Four partnership with major institutions is the increased profits that can be made and the ability to give the platform's developers unencumbered lending, something that has not been the case with any of the Defi platforms and is an innovation in the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain is an innovative invention to create a rich society, Defi Four can allow all ordinary users to participate in a Defi project, no assets can be involved in the development of the birth of Defi Four can be more ordinary users around the world to get an additional entrepreneurial opportunities.

Antalpha Group Overview

Antalpha Group is a digital asset financial services provider with interests in asset management, crypto lending, crypto mining finance, trading and venture capital. In addition to serving family offices and high net worth individuals, Antalpha is a trusted counterparty to institutional clients, from banks and corporate treasuries to cryptocurrency miners. Antalpha is also involved in creating the world's future infrastructure for Web 3.0, blockchain and digital asset technologies through our in-house venture capital investments. Antalpha is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and the United States.

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