📍Development and Planning

☑️Defi Four The concept is a new Defi concept proposed by a former Arbitrum network development engineer in 2023, with the aim of changing the existing Defi model.

☑️Defi Four received an investment of US$1.5 million from Antalpha Group in January 2024 and was established.

☑️Defi Four Deployment of the platform on the Arbitrum network starting in February 2024.

☑️Defi Four is now available on the WEB3.0 wallet

🔁Defi Four Foundation

The Foundation will be established in Q4 2024, and the Foundation will be mainly used for the operation and maintenance of the platform, as well as the planning of the subsequent main network, etc. Any developers and users who have contributed to the platform can apply for joining the Foundation to become one of the Foundation members.

🔁Defi Four network

The main network will go live in Q1 2025, and users who contribute to the platform after the main network goes live will be able to get platform tokens issued by the platform as proof of their contribution, which can be used for the platform to exchange for nodes, increase revenue, and vote.

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