🪙Defi Four Token Planning

The token release is expected to take place between Q1-Q3 2025, with announcements made if it is earlier.

Number of issues 1 billion

60% platform pledge incentive

20% set aside for Foundation management

10% airdrop to platform contributing users

10% financing

The 60% platform reward mechanism takes the form of a 10% release per year, ensuring that the maximum market liquidity can only increase by 100 million tokens per year, to be rewarded over six years.

20% Foundation, which will take a linear release over 5 years, averaging 4% per year.

10% airdrop to the platform contributing users, a one-time release, that is, when the main network tokens on-line, all the users who have contributed to the platform and gained points will be able to get the platform's main network tokens airdrop.

The 10% financing will be taken as a 2-year release at 5% a year.

Token airdrop rules:

60% for ARB users who stake

20% for other tokens who stake

20% for team developers

Any changes to the above will be decided by vote.

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