💸Defi Four Lending Details

How do I get a debit line?

Every user can invite new users to join Defi Four by sharing their own links, and when the number of people you invite and the total pledge of your invited members reaches a certain percentage, you can apply for an unsecured, interest-free lending line from the platform.

Loan amount

The borrowing amount is calculated based on the team's recommendation of pledge funds and can be borrowed from: $100-$100,000.

Borrowing and lending rules

The platform provides lending services for contributing users, who reach a certain level of contribution, and the system will provide interest-free unsecured lending based on account activity.

You can apply for a loan from the platform if you meet the following conditions:

1: Total team collateralized assets of $10,000 or more

2: Total number of team members reaches 20

3: Individual users need to be active on the platform for more than 45 days

Borrowing and lending applications

Eligible users can apply for a loan from the platform, and users are required to provide the platform with the following proof:

1: Total team pledged funds

2: Number of team members

3: Personal identification ID and contact information

The above three information will be provided to the platform customer service, the platform will carry out the account of the wind control audit, the audit passed the user can get unsecured interest-free lending 90-180 days.

loan repayment

The platform offers an interest-free lending cycle of 90 to 180 days for developers as well as users who contribute to the platform.

When the loan contract expires, the principal amount of the loan will be automatically deducted from the account. If the user is overdue for more than 30 days, the system will automatically mark the user as a blacklisted user, and the user will not be able to enjoy all the benefits brought by the platform. The user will not be able to enjoy all the benefits of the platform and will not be able to use all the programs of Defi Four.

In the event of a late payment that the user is unable to repay, the funds will be paid by the Defi Four Foundation.

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